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Bored Cat is a historic 3D NFT that went into Space


About Us

Bored Cat is a historic collection of 8842 NFTs on the Ethereum Blockchain.This is the first 3D PFP NFT collection that ever went into Space.

You can find out more about the Bored Cat Team below, our vision and roadmap for this NFT.Today we’re stepping it up a notch in the NFT sphere.

As we move closer to launch this website will evolve.Bored Cat went from an idea to reality, join us and get a piece of history.


Join this historic NFT project featuring authentic art and a chance to own a physical print of the Astrocat NFT that actually made the trip to Space.

Exclusive Bored CAT

The roadmap

Bored Cat is a project in which we wanted to really work on the future of humanity. The future obviously lies in the metaverse but in the conquest of Space as well.

That’s why we are officially the first PFP NFT collection in history to ally Metaverse and Space Travel.


Launch 🚀

After so much work, we were super excited to open our doors to the public.

Beyond the art, beyond being the first PFP Collection in space, beyond the innovation we brought, even beyond the conquest of the metaverse, we broadcasted the message that everything is possible.


Astrocat Into Space 🌑

We are the first ever PFP NFT collection to launch our NFT into space.

The Astrocat Holder receives a physical print of the NFT that made the trip into Space and back to Earth (priceless)


Holders Get Access To Exclusive Limited Edition Bored Cat’s Sneakers 👟

Merch access is available in Q2 2022, exclusively for holders.

The community asked for this and we are happy to make it a reality.

All Bored Cat holders have the possibility to receive the exclusive collectible Sneakers. We are already working on the design that will make them unique and unprecedented.


Every Bored Cat Will Go To Space 🚀

We are behind the biggest spatial launch ever organized in the NFT sphere. We are sending every piece of the collection into Space once they are revealed (we’ll do this during the 2nd quarter of 2022). A giant event where all the holders are invited to come and meet each other and meet the team. You will be able to meet the famous Astrocat and the community.

For the holders who won’t be able to personally join us at this event, their NFT will also go to Space and they will be able to follow this exceptional launch LIVE, as everything will be broadcasted.


Multi-verse Breeding 🔫

During his journey through Space, Astrocat discovered multiple parallel universes. After coming back to Earth he worked hard to find a way to access these hidden dimensions... And guess what? He succeeded!

We're excited to announce that around Q3 2022, every Bored Cat Holder will be airdropped a Portal Gun that can be used only once to open a spatiotemporal portal. It will allow you to welcome an alter Bored Cat from a parallel Universe.


Takeover The Metaverse 🌆

We perfected every tiny detail of every Bored Cat. Our 3D Cats are Metaverse-ready. All Bored Cat holders will not be able to go unnoticed through the Metaverse.

Join the community now

Together we’re making history and we have an amazing community. Let's show the world how we take over the metaverse and Space!


Why Bored Cat?

When we created Bored Cat, the team was looking for a way to stand out and not just the regular “to the moon” kind of stuff. So we thought “why not really do it? Like literally?”. So we decided to be the first NFT PFP collection to go into Space!

What does "MINT" mean?

Minting a Bored Cat NFT means that you’re buying a numeric piece of art that becomes part of the Ethereum Blockchain. Your piece of art is represented as a NFT, it can therefore be exchanged on the market and traced digitally.

On which Network is Bored Cat?

Bored Cat will use Ethereum Network. The collection will be hosted on both Opensea and Looksrare.

What will be the price of the mint?

The Mint Price will be 0.2ETH

What’s the mint date?

4 March at 2PM EST

Why are Bored Cat NFTs 100% safe?

Our smart contract is open source, audited and secured by a trusted team of professionals. To go beyond with security, every member of our team is identity verified via

How can I avoid getting scammed?

To limit risks, make sure to only follow our official Discord, Twitter & Instagram. WE WILL NEVER DIRECTLY SEND YOU A PRIVATE MESSAGE.For more info on security, check out the 📌┃scam-prevention channel on our Discord server.

What’s the metaverse?

Metaverse refers to a shared virtual experience where terrains, avatars and names can be bought and sold, often using cryptocurrency. Bored Cat will allow you to join the Metaverse using your asset as an avatar.